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How does it work?

The iGene Passport comprises a personal gene passport and lifestyle advice based on your DNA profile.

In addition, every week you will receive a personal message via the iGene message service. This service is free for the first two years. If you want to continue receiving messages after this time, you can take out a subscription.

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All the information in your iGene Passport is based on your individual DNA profile. This means you will only receive information that is relevant to you. In addition, we only provide information about diseases that you can help to prevent yourself. 


You receive practical information that you can use to optimise your diet and lifestyle. 


All the information you receive via your iGene Passport and the iGene message service has been thoroughly screened, checked and tested against a rigorous scientific analysis model in advance.

What we check for:

 "I enjoy life and want to continue enjoying it for as long as possible." 

The app: consult information and receive messages

Your personal gene passport: an overview of diseases that you have an increased or reduced genetic risk of contracting.

You will find detailed information about each disease, based on scientific research.

You can also consult your personal lifestyle advice at any time.

Via the iGene message service you will receive useful tips, tasty recipes and interesting facts, etc. All these are based on your DNA profile.

Je kunt direct zien voor welke medicijnen je gevoelig bent.
    Een overzicht van alle enzymen die van invloed kunnen zijn op je medicijngevoeligheid.

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The English version of our app will be available in 2017. If you place your pre-order this week, you will receive a discount code worth € 70. That means you will pay just € 195 for your iGene Passport when the product is launched (normal price: € 265). A pre-order can be placed free of charge and does not bind you in any way. 

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